Karoonda Meteorite CK4

Karoonda Meteorite CK4Find / Fall: Fall – 1930
Location: South Australia, Australia
Classification: CK4
Total Known Weight: 41.73 kg

Around 11 pm on November 25, 1930 a wandering stone was captured by the Earth’s gravity and fell on South Australia. Pieces of the meteorite were found a few days later and it was named Karoonda. It turned out upon testing to be a Carbonaceous Chondrite. Eventually, it would be the type specimen for the CK type Carbonaceous Chondrites. There is never very much Karoonda available for sale and actually with less then 100 pounds reaching the ground it is one of the more sought after meteorites by collectors. Even in small fragments the dark carbon color and the texture so characteristic of Karoonda and other CKs can be easily seen.

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