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NWA 11899 Howardite Meteorite

NWA 11899 MeteoriteFall / Find: Found 2017
Location: Mali
Classification: Howardite
Total Known Weight: 16 kg

NWA 11899 is a Howardite type meteorite found in Mali in 2017. It was purchased from a nomad. Many identical appearing pieces were found with a total recovered weight of 16 kilograms. The stones have a fusion crusted exteriors and interiors showing a breccia of light and dark clasts set in a matrix that is light brown in color. NWA 11899 as a Howardite is a polymict breccia of 60% diogenite an 40% eucrite. Howardites are member of the HED clan of achondrites that are believed to originate from the large asteroid Vesta.

NWA 11899 is a highly shocked meteorite with a low weathering grade as seen by its remaining fusion crust. The diogenite and eucrite portions of the meteorite both contain low calcium pyroxene. Howardites are visually attractive and interesting meteorites. And that is true of NWA 11899 which has colorful and contrasting clasts.

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