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Abadla 002 CM2 Meteorite

Find / Fall: Find 2022
Location: Bechar, Algeria
Classification: Carbonaceous Chondrite CM2
Total Known Weight: 800 g

Abadla 002 is a Carbonaceous chondrite of the CM2 type. 800 grams of identical appearing pieces were found in December 2021 along a 10 kilometer traverse. They were purchased February 22. 2022. Abadla 002 has a dark fusion crusted exterior. Internally it show many small chondrules set in a dark gray matrix. Abadla 002 is composed of over 50% matrix. Some small CAIs are seen in the meteorite.

The chondrules and CAIs of Abadla 002 are set in a fine grained matrix. Most of the chondrules are porphyritic type 1. The matrix olivine is mostly fragmental and ferroan. The mean chondrule size is approximately 300 microns. Abadla 002 contains aluminous diopside, troilite, FeNi sulfide, and low Ni iron. Abadla 002 has a low shock stage and a low weathering grade.

Abadla 002 Meteorite Information

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