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    jim, Canada, on Feb 3, 2018.

    Dear Jim, We're very happy you contacted us and glad we were able to help. Thank you again so much! Paul and Jim

  • All my purchases have exceeded my expectations and arrive quickly. Great place to purchase meteorites without fear of being cheated.

    Sam, California, on Jan 29, 2018.

    Dear Sam, Thank you so much for your trust and multiple orders. We appreciate if very much! Paul and Jim

  • So glad to have my new collections of Gibeon whole irons from this website. Friendly communication, perfect protective packaging, and fast shipping. (Big thanks to Paul). Highly recommended!

    ws, Taiwan, on Jan 21, 2018.

    Dear ws, We're very happy to have be able to help you acquire new Gibeon's for your collection. Thank you again! Paul and Jim

  • I like that piece of the NWA 791 Meteorite. It’s a beautiful piece and for me it’s a new meteorite in my collection. So thank you very much for the quick and safety delivering.

    Jean-Marie, Belgium, on Jan 19, 2018.

    Dear Jean-Marie, Thank you very much for letting us know you're happy with the specimen and that it arrived safely! Paul and Jim

  • Hello, you allowed me to have a fragment of the Jonzac meteorite (France: Charente - Maritime, Eucrite mmict) with melting crust! I was born in Jonzac, it is the most important stone of my collection! thank you very much.

    Christophe, France, on Jan 3, 2018.

    Dear Christophe, We love comments like this where there is a special meaning for you choosing the specimen. Thank you so much! Paul and Jim

  • The package was delivered quickly, even through the delivery was in Europe. The moon dust and mars dust necklace are beautiful are perfect as gifts.

    Nina Pil, Denmark, on Dec 29, 2017.

    Dear Nina Pil, Thank you so much for letting us know! Paul and Jim

  • The service was great and I will definitively be a return customer to expand my own collection. Ordered a Meteorite for a holiday gift and something went wrong with the shipment. The guys helped out and made sure I had got it quickly. The meteorite itself is exactly what I wanted and the stand and label make it a perfect gift.

    Maarten, Netherlands, on Dec 17, 2017.

    Dear Maarten, Thank you so much for your understanding, and for working with us. We appreciate it very much! Paul and Jim

  • Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for, good price and shipped fast. Thank you!!

    Tammy, Michigan, on Dec 6, 2017.

    Hi Tammy, Thank you so much for letting us know! Paul and Jim

  • I appreciate being able to find an online code for your store but found the shipping to be quite high. It was almost as much as what I purchased.

    Karen, Colorado, on Nov 28, 2017.

    Dear Karen, Yes, when the dollar amount of the purchased item is less than $10 the USPS Priority shipping cost will be a noticeable percentage of the total cost. We've been shipping orders for over 20 years now and USPS Priority has been overwhelmingly the best shipping method for us to use when looking at number of orders lost, specimens damaged, tracking, shipping times, etc. Our average order is over $100 so using USPS Priority is our best option when all factors are considered. Thank you for letting us know your concern. We appreciate it very much! Paul and Jim

  • Shipped super fast and awesome unique selections for those hard gift people on your list! I definitely will be doing more shopping here.

    Krystal, Massachusetts, on Nov 25, 2017.

    Dear Krystal, We appreciate your comments very much. Thank you! Paul and Jim

  • A piece of the moon! What a glorious gray color. It may shine the rays of the sun, but the moon is not white. Now I have to read about what it is; I have "found". Great piece!

    Robert, Florida, on Nov 19, 2017.

    Hi Bob! Thank you so much for another order and we're very happy that piece went to you! Paul and Jim

  • Dear friends, The meteorites was well received in "good shape", Thank you very much for good service. best regards, Ole Denmark

    Ole, Denmark, on Nov 16, 2017.

    Hi Ole, Thank you so much for letting us know! Paul and Jim

  • I'm impressed by the great selection of specimens available for purchase and the fact that some have very reasonable prices. The packaging and care of specimens mailed out indicates a professional attitude in conducting such a business. I will be making more purchases in the future.

    Gary, Colorado, on Nov 8, 2017.

    Hi Gary, Thank you very much for your very kind words and for noticing the care each specimen received. Paul and Jim

  • MFS is practically the only meteorite dealer I buy from. They are trustworthy, dependable, and have a great selection of all types of meteorites and the prices are reasonable. You aren't paying for the stores name or fame like some other dealer. My recent purchase of 2 fine NWA's were great additions to my collection. I've been buying from them for years and will continue to do so happily for years to come.

    Tony, New Mexico, on Oct 29, 2017.

    Hi Tony, Thank you for not only your kind words but also your support for over 5 years now. We really appreciate it! Paul and Jim

  • Big fan of your work.

    Joe, California, on Oct 26, 2017.

    Hi Joe, Thank you so much for letting us know! Paul and Jim

  • I find it to be very exciting to own a fragment of another world. And I enjoy your speedy shipping also. Thank you.

    Jack, Michigan, on Oct 24, 2017.

    Hi Jack, even after all these years the excitement and wonder never go away. Thank you so much! Paul and Jim

  • Not just sales, but customer service. Always willing to provide information and advice. It's why you are a regular supplier to my collection. When it comes to space rocks you guys rock!

    Mike, Canada, on Oct 18, 2017.

    Hi Mike, We appreciate your comments very much! Thank you! Paul and Jim

  • Paul and Jim always offer super deals on the latest meteorites. A good website to keep coming back to, to enrich a collection.

    Robert, Florida, on Oct 16, 2017.

    Thank you so much for your kind words and for sticking with us all these years :-) Your first order was in April 2009! Wow time goes by fast... Paul and Jim

  • I love my moldavite. It is beautiful. The energy in the stone is very powerful. I can tell it is authentic. Thank you. Sincerely, Lori

    Lori, Arizona, on Oct 2, 2017.

    Dear Lori, Thank you so much for letting us know you're happy with your Moldavite! Paul and JIm

  • I am pleased with my meteorite purchase. The Widmanstatten pattern on the Muonionalusta meteorite is like a piece of art! Thanks, Paul and Jim.

    Dennis, Illinois, on Sep 27, 2017.

    Hi Dennis, We're very happy to know that you are pleased with your Muonionalusta specimen! Paul and Jim

  • Just received my order. Thrilled. Beautifully presented and expertly packaged. Speed of delivery to Australia was amazing. Product was exactly as described. Came in lovely gift box. Definitely impressed with this company and would highly recommend. Will be a repeat customer. Thank you!!

    Belinda, Australia, on Sep 26, 2017.

    Hi Belinda, Thank you so much for your wonder and kind words. We appreciate it very much! Paul and Jim

  • What a great purchase experience and my meteorite is awesome! I love it! Thanks Paul and Jim!

    Marisan, South Africa, on Sep 11, 2017.

    Hi Marisan, So happy it finally got to you and that you like it! Paul and Jim

  • I just opened my Chinese Tektite and found the energy to be exhilarating... This is a wonderful companion to my moldavite.. I will be using it with my group especially for trying to contact ET's... Thanks...

    Sheila, New Jersey, on Aug 15, 2017.

    Hi Sheila, Thank you for letting us know you're happy with the Tektite! Paul and Jim

  • Just received my 13 gram iron meteorite and even such a small specimen is amazing. Just like a meteorite you'd see in a museum but smaller. I will purchase a larger item soon. Couldn't be happier with the customer service and fast shipment.

    Sam, California, on Aug 9, 2017.

    Dear Sam, We're very happy to receive your testimonial. Paul and Jim

  • Very Quick Shipping! Was secured very well in the packaging, which is a very good sign of the care they go through with their merchandise. Will absolutely be shopping here again!

    Aaron, Wisconsin, on Aug 3, 2017.

    Hi Aaron, thank you for your kind words and for another order! :-) Paul and Jim

  • Quality specimens at a fair price. I am a repeat customer and have never been disappointed. Keep up the great service!

    Darren, California, on Jul 26, 2017.

    Hi Darren, thank you so much and for the almost 3 years! Paul and Jim

  • Very nice selection of meteorites and items related to meteorites such as various impactites - all at great prices!!

    Fred, Pennsylvania, on Jul 24, 2017.

    Dear Fred, Thank you very much for your nice comments! Paul and Jim

  • Extremely good service and incredible packaging!

    George, United Kingdom, on Jul 12, 2017.

    Hi George, thank you for your kind comments. We appreciate knowing how we're doing! Paul and Jim

  • Hello, I have just received the meteorite of Jonzac, A huge thank you for your speed in the processing of the order and for the high quality packaging. I was born in Jonzac it is a great emotion to be able to hold this stone. thank you very much Very good day and see you soon, Christophe.

    Christophe, France, on Jul 10, 2017.

    Hi Christophe. How cool to be born in the location of this historic fall. Thank you for letting us know! Paul and Jim

  • I love meteorites-for-sale products and service. They have a large variety of meteorites and other out-of-this world products that you will love if you are a collector. The service is great and the shipping is fast. I have been doing business with them for several years and always find what I am looking for at this site.

    David, Maryland, on Jul 2, 2017.

    Dear Dave, Thank you so much for your very nice comments and for shopping with us since 2009!! Wow how time flies! Paul and Jim

  • Received the small Willamette piece with shale, book and neat reproduction. It was a really fine offering and I am so pleased to have been able to take advantage of it. The small specimen was cut so thin that it looks much larger than I expected. I even thought the photo might have been of a larger piece. All in all it was a very pleasant surprise and valuable addition to my growing collection. Thank you so much, Len

    Leonard, Massachusetts, on Jun 15, 2017.

    Dear Len, we're very happy to know you're very happy with our Willamette display set. Thank you for letting us know! Paul and Jim

  • Great site with a large variety of meteorites, in a variety of sizes and prices. A recommended place to shop for whatever type you are looking for. Easy to order and fast shipping. A pleasure to do business with.

    Wayne, Iowa, on Jun 12, 2017.

    Dear Wayne, thank you very much for your kind words! Paul and Jim

  • Very professional company and good quality items . My package arrived on time and the products were nicely and safe packed. It was a pleasure doing business with Paul and Jim. Thank you and also thank you for answering my emails !

    Cristian, Netherlands, on May 27, 2017.

    Dear Cristian, you are very welcome and thank you very much! Paul and Jim

  • For Christmas I purchased a Sikhote-Alin meteorite for my 8 year old niece who is fascinated by space. She absolutely loved it (as did I!)...the meteorite is so cool and so fun to look at. and now we have decided to start building a collection. I came to this site because of the numerous great reviews...a huge plus that it's also very informative for beginners like us. Product, transaction, service is excellent. I will be a repeat customer here many times for sure.

    Jenny, Minnesota, on May 18, 2017.

    Dear Jenny, Thank you very much! Paul and Jim

  • I've made three separate purchases from Paul and Jim and I couldn't be happier. Their service is the best. I've been able to complete my collection of small meteorites and look forward to shopping their selection of larger and unique specimens.

    Jeffery, Indiana, on May 12, 2017.

    Hi Jeffery, thank you so much! We really appreciate your kind words. Paul and Jim

  • Hi Paul and Jim, I have purchased several meteorites. It has always been exceptional customer service. They are very knowledgeable. I live in Ingersoll Ontario Canada and I receive the rocks in good time and for a good price. You don't have to look anywhere else to pick up your space rocks. It is a pleasure to deal with the two of you. Thanks very much. Harry

    Harry, Canada, on May 3, 2017.

    Hi Harry! Thank you again so much! Paul and Jim

  • Great service. Very fast delivery. Great info on care of product. Will definitely purchase more items in future.

    Emanuela, Canada, on Apr 12, 2017.

    Dear Emanuela, thank you very much! Paul and Jim

  • My 2nd time purchasing from the meteorite exchange: good selections , very descriptive web site and a rewards program. Highly recommended

    Bob, Connecticut, on Apr 11, 2017.

    Hi Bob, Thanks again! Paul and Jim

  • A nice selection of meteorites at down to earth realistic prices..Topped off with 5 star ***** customer service. I was VERY pleased with my first purchase from Meteorites For Sale.

    Edward, Tennessee, on Apr 10, 2017.

    Dear Edward, thank you very much! Paul and Jim

  • Great cooperation, awesome meteorites and tektites. Any questions were answered so fast! Thanks a lot!

    Tomas, Czech Republic, on Apr 2, 2017.

    Dear Tomas, thank you so much! Paul and Jim

  • Shipment of these meteorites was incredibly fast, the costs very fair, the specimens very safely packaged and described with an ID card each. My compliments! As far the meteorites go, very happy to add Tatahouine and Allende to the collection. Quite a humbling thing to have the oldest coalesced material from the solar disc sitting in my hands.

    Thomas, Netherlands, on Mar 18, 2017.

    Dear Thomas, Thank you so much! Paul and Jim

  • Great and very helpful service, beutiful specimens, I really love the website. Thanks, kind regards from Hungary!

    Angela, Hungary, on Mar 17, 2017.

    Dear Angela, thank you so much! Paul and Jim

  • I have made several purchases and have never been disappointed. Always a smooth transaction with fair prices and quality specimens. I will definitely be doing business again. Thank you very much.

    Darren, California, on Mar 17, 2017.

    Dear Darren, thank you so much! Paul and Jim

  • In all of my meteorite transactions, I have found the experience perfect. From the descriptions, photos, details, and ease of cart adding and payment, and the communication from Meteorite Exchange has been appreciated...on the status of my order, receipts, and responses to my queries...as well as advise regarding certain purchases. Thanks. Ron

    Ronald, Ohio, on Mar 13, 2017.

    Dear Ron, thank you very much! Paul and Jim

  • I've lost count of how many times I have ordered from these guys. The customer service is always great, and the meteorites always come exactly as shown in the pictures. I had a question about one of the meteorites and they answered me within a few hours. Not days or weeks. I'm a customer for life!

    Christopher, Minnesota, on Mar 9, 2017.

    Hi Chris! Double digits :-) Thank you so much! Paul and Jim

  • My second purchase from meteorites-for-sale.com was as easy and efficient as the first. I am very pleased with my purchased specimen which arrived on the expected date in great condition. As a design note, my wife was impressed by your logo! Keep up the good work.

    Cal, Virginia, on Mar 9, 2017.

    Dear Cal, thank you very much! Paul and Jim

  • Thank you for the fast shipping, careful packaging and for the Javanites. I love them! Many thanks!

    Peter, Colorado, on Mar 5, 2017.

    Dear Peter, thank you very much! Paul and Jim

  • Very good website with high quality product and a good selection

    Bob, Connecticut, on Mar 4, 2017.

    Dear Bob, thank you very much! Paul and Jim

  • It has been an absolute pleasure working with this company.

    Jerome, Montana, on Feb 8, 2017.

    Dear Jerome, we're very pleased to know that you're happy with our service. It was fun learning about your collection also. Thank you! Paul and Jim

  • I've had another great experience with Meteorites-for-Sale. The items that I received are really fine and the service was very efficient.

    Daniel, Florida, on Feb 4, 2017.

    Dear Daniel, thank you so much for your kind words and for all your orders. We appreciate it very much! Paul and Jim

  • The moldavite was a very nice stone (glass). The item I ordered was mailed and delivered quickly. The stone was also nicely wrapped and protected. I definitely will buy again from Meteorites for Sale.

    Wolfgang, Washington, on Jan 31, 2017.

    Dear Wolfgang, we're very happy to know you're enjoying your moldavite. Thank you very much! Paul and Jim

  • As always very fast, very good service, the tektite is exactly like it was advertised. I can only recommend this shop! Also, Paul and Jim are very helpful and answer any question really fast.

    Sibylle, Germany, on Jan 26, 2017.

    Dear Sibylle, Thank you for your nice comments and also for another order! I also appreciate you showing me the interesting feature on that tektite! Thank you so much! Paul and Jim

  • Fantastic service, also great value vs other sellers of the items I purchased!

    Bruce, Australia, on Jan 16, 2017.

    Dear Bruce, Thank you very much for your kind comments! Paul and Jim

  • I am very satisfied with my purchase, and with the operation of the web site and the fulfillment process. Well done!

    Cal, Virginia, on Jan 11, 2017.

    Dear Cal, Thank you so much for letting us know you were happy with our service! Paul and Jim

  • I made a order for a meteorite on December 18 2016. The package arrived in Brussels, Belgium on December 24. So far so good, but.... Now it is still waiting, and waiting at the Customs Clearance in Brussels. Other people who have ordered things in the U.S. had to wait for several weeks before the Customs finally decided to send it to destination. Friends advised me to use First Class Mail next time. Customs handle these packages faster. Kind Regards, Chris Van Bael, Belgium.

    Christiaan, Belgium, on Jan 5, 2017.

    Dear Christiaan, You did use our First Class Mail option for this order and it still took 20 working days. So sorry your Customs is so slow. Thank you for your order! Paul and Jim

  • My first purchase. Not the last. Quick to respond and willing to answer questions. As a new collector, I appreciated the advice on which piece to buy. Excellent service. Looking forward to dealing with Paul again!

    Mike, Canada, on Dec 22, 2016.

    Hi Mike, Thank you so much for your kind comments and your second order too! Paul and Jim

  • I have purchased several items from the Exchange, and find superb material, fast service, and, over time, a chance to 'tour the Solar System' via the samples available from the Exchange. Always great!!

    Robert, California, on Dec 22, 2016.

    Hi Bob, Thank you for being such a great customer all these years! Paul and Jim

  • I appreciate the quick service and delivery. Your shipping was well packed and the emailed invoice was also helpful. You'll hear from me again. James Hill, planetary science University of Mississippi

    James, Mississippi, on Dec 19, 2016.

    Dear James, Thank you so much for letting us know! Paul and Jim

  • This was my second experience ordering from these guys. The quality of service and quick replies to questions has made me a loyal customer. Love it!

    Christopher, Minnesota, on Dec 7, 2016.

    Hi Chris, thank you so much for your continued support! We very much appreciate it! Paul and Jim

  • The shipping has been prompt and the service to support the sale has been excellent in that if you need an extra view/image of the meteorite you want to purchase, Paul delivers that image in a hurry. He has a terrific website and journal and is a credit to the meteorite community, a true professional in everyway. It's been a joy to do business with both Jim and Paul. Please keep up the good work guys! Kudos Bradford Cutler

    Bradford, Texas, on Dec 7, 2016.

    Hi Bradford! Thank you very much for your very kind words! We enjoy and care about what we do and it's our wonderful customers like you that make it all worthwhile. Paul and Jim

  • I received my order in an expeditious manner and I am very pleased with my Howardite and Eucrite meteorites. This is my 2nd order with Meteorites-For-Sale and I will be purchasing more in the future. Thank you Paul and Jim.

    Dennis, Illinois, on Dec 2, 2016.

    Dear Dennis, Thank you so much for letting us know you are very pleased with the specimens. Much appreciated! Paul and Jim

  • Big or small I always find something "out of this world" and a significant addition to my collection every time I shop. The web site loads fast and it is easy to find what you are looking for.

    Robert, Florida, on Nov 28, 2016.

    Dear Robert, Thank you so much for being so supportive over the years! We appreciate it very much! Paul & Jim

  • It's my second time purchasing here and I can tell it's worth it!

    Octavio, Florida, on Nov 16, 2016.

    Dear Octavio, we're glad to know you're happy with shopping here! Thank you, Paul & Jim

  • Brilliant to get an Agoudal with actual fusion crust still intact. Of all the dealers and ebay sellers I've bought from, meteorites-for-sale has the best customer service.

    Jack, Australia, on Nov 15, 2016.

    Hi Jack, thank you so much! We're so lucky to have so many great people as customers! Paul and Jim

  • I received the three iron meteorites very soon and they are in good condition! The taza meteorite is particularly shiny and cute.

    Huimin, New York, on Nov 13, 2016.

    Hi Huimin, thank you so much for your kind words. We appreciate it very much! Paul and Jim

  • Hi Paul and Jim, I am really impressed with your level of service. I put 3 separate orders in. You were good enough to combine them to save on shipping costs. Also fast service! I placed the order and you shipped it out the next day. I will certainly let you guys know when I receive the meteorites. I have been involved with astronomy for years now. I have not bought any meteorites and I know it will be a thrill to hold these in my hands and to imagine their journey. Thanks very much, Harry

    Harry, Canada, on Nov 7, 2016.

    Hi Harry, you are very welcome! We're glad we were able to help. We received your note about receiving the meteorites and we're very happy to know you like them. Thanks again! Paul and Jim

  • This is the best place I have found for buying meteorites. I check often because they always have new inventory. There is a great variety of meteorites, and different prices. There is something for everyone!

    Sandra, Michigan, on Oct 21, 2016.

    Hi Sandra, thank you so much for your wonderful comments! We enjoy this so much because we have so many WONDERFUL customers! Like you! Paul and Jim

  • It was a great shopping experience. Everything was easy and smooth.

    Yinbo, New York, on Oct 21, 2016.

    Dear Yinbo, thanks so much for letting us know! Paul and Jim

  • Very good shop, great people to buy from, very nice and personal contacts, very fast shipping. I can really recommend this shop, each time I bought something here, I was completely satisfied.

    Sibylle, Germany, on Sep 25, 2016.

    Hi Sibylle, It's always so nice talking to you! Thank you so much for your orders! Paul and Jim

  • Love the website, & appreciate the assistance with placing online order. Very helpful.

    Jude, Australia, on Sep 21, 2016.

    Dear Jude, very happy to assist anytime! Thank you so much for your order! Paul and Jim

  • I just received my Sikhote-Alin iron meteorite and I am very satisfied with it. This is my first meteorite and it is exciting to hold something that is older than 4.5 billion years old and from "out of this world." It is a beautiful meteorite.

    Dennis, Illinois, on Sep 21, 2016.

    Dear Dennis, Thanks for letting us know you're very happy with the Sikhote-Alin! Meteorites are amazing! Paul and Jim

  • Just collected my piece of Libyan Desert Glass from this side of the earth! Parcel carefully packed. LDG in good condition. Overall a smooth & easy shopping experience. Would be great if a couple more pix showing the glass from different angles are displayed. Thank you!

    Miguel, Hong Kong, on Sep 21, 2016.

    Dear Miguel, thank you for your kind words and suggestion. Please let us know when ever you need views from different angles on a specimen. Paul and Jim

  • The moldavite pendant is perfect!

    Maria, Florida, on Sep 13, 2016.

    Hi Maria, We're so glad you like it! Thank you again! Paul and Jim

  • Very nice specimen purchased at a fair price that was shipped very quickly and safely. I will definitely be making future purchases with Meteorites-For-Sale. Thank you very much.

    Darren, California, on Aug 7, 2016.

    Hi Darren, Thank you very much! Paul and Jim

  • International delivery promptly done. The stone was smaller than I had originally imagined, but was intact. Thank you very much.

    Kotaro, Japan, on Jul 12, 2016.

    Dear Kotaro, Thank you so much for you multiple orders. If you ever have a question on any specimen please ask. Thank you! Paul and Jim

  • Amazing customer service! I placed an order right before the holiday weekend here in the US. My complete order shipped the day they reopened. They replied very promptly when I asked what the status of my order was to make sure there were no hold ups. This experience alone has made me want to be a loyal customer. 5* service all around. Can't wait to get my specimens!

    Christopher, Minnesota, on Jul 5, 2016.

    Hi Christopher! Thank you for your kind words and for your second order too! Paul and Jim

  • I just found this site. Beautiful samples and a well designed site with a lot of good information. I'm looking forward to receiving my first order (that I just placed).

    Stephen, California, on Jun 21, 2016.

    Hi Stephen, Thank you so much for your kind note about our site and specimens! We just checked tracking and your order should arrive soon! Paul and Jim

  • Hi Paul and Jim! Thank you so much for the beautiful meteorite cabochon, it is such a gorgeous shape & I especially love the unusual pattern & texture of it. I am probably going to make a sterling silver wire wrapped pendant with it as I love all things unusual! I was extremely impressed with the care taken to keep my meteorite safe & also the extremely fast shipping :-) Thanks again for such wonderful customer service & educating us on meteorites & tektites!! Yours sincerely Angela McShane

    Angela, Australia, on May 23, 2016.

    Dear Angela, Thank you so much for your wonderful note and we're very happy how pleased you are with it. Thank you again! Paul and Jim

  • Received the two Moldavite pieces today in great order. Wonderful examples! Very pleased with the purchase. And I appreciate the extra care in packaging too! Will certainly do business again in the near future. All the best, Blake

    D. Blake, North Carolina, on Apr 9, 2016.

    Hi Blake, Thank you for your nice note and we're very happy to know you're pleased! Thank you again! Paul and Jim

  • Good support, thanks ! I purchased the items from Germany and unfortunately it is not possible to track the shipment from the USA to Germany: it is not supported by USPS yet. Maybe that's an improvement possibility.

    Frédéric, Germany, on Mar 29, 2016.

    Hi Frédéric, We just checked and tracking is showing with our USPS First Class International shipping. We shipped on March 28th and it was delivered on April 4th. Thank you again! Paul and Jim

  • Absolutely beautiful. Larger than I expected and shipping was fast. Will definitely be a return customer.

    Lisa, West Virginia, on Mar 28, 2016.

    Dear Lisa, We're very pleased you're very happy! Thank you! Paul and Jim

  • I would just like to thank Jim and Paul for the outstanding service that you have shown to me during the past year I have been purchasing meteors/tektites from yourselves. Being an international customer, I am very grateful in the way that you take care packaging my purchases. They have always arrived safely and in good condition. The shipping costs are in my opinion very reasonable and my purchases costs are what I would expect. I enjoy reading your Blogs and love the Meteorite Times Magazine. Best regards Nigel, United Kingdom.

    Nigel, United Kingdom, on Mar 23, 2016.

    Hi Nigel! Thank you so much for your very kind words and we're very happy you enjoy our free online Meteorite Times Magazine! Paul and Jim

  • I like to take the opportunity to express a big "thank you" to Jim and Paul. Shipping is always very promptly and reliable. And the careful packing let arrive the meteorites in best conditions, also over half of the world! I strongly recommend METEORITES-FOR-SALE for completing your meteorite collection! Jonas, Switzerland

    Jonas, Switzerland, on Mar 13, 2016.

    Hi Jonas, Thank you so much! It's ALWAYS so nice to talk to you! Paul and Jim

  • The meteorites that I purchased are going to be used as groomsmen gifts. One of the partners called me shortly after my purchase and spent over an hour with me on the phone discussing different options that he would recommend (within my budget). He could not have been more genuine or more sincere. My order came within days with customized certifications. I will look no further in the future when adding to my meteorite collection. In a nutshell: These are the guys you want to do business with!

    Ian, Arizona, on Mar 8, 2016.

    Hi Ian, Glad we could help out. Congratulations! Paul and Jim

  • I had a pleasant experience with "Meteorites-for-Sale". They provided very nice meteorites for my collection. The purchase process was easy and the items were delivered fast.

    Daniel, Brazil, on Mar 5, 2016.

    Hi Daniel, Thank you for your nice comments and repeat business! We appreciate it very much! Paul and Jim

  • I love METEORITES-FOR-SALE.COM!! It was so easy to navigate the website and purchase items that take your fancy. I also enjoyed reading about the different varieties of meteorites, tektites and impactites etc. The impactite and meteorite that I purchased came extremely well wrapped and in perfect condition. I also liked that they were in lovely boxes with descriptions card as well, the book that I purchased was also in excellent condition and I will enjoy reading it. Thank you! Angela

    Angela, Australia, on Feb 23, 2016.

    Hi Angela, thank you so much for your very kind words! We appreciate you taking the time to write! Paul and Jim

  • Great specimen as always! It is nice to own a piece of the Odessa meteorite that was once part of a university collection.

    Steven, Texas, on Feb 22, 2016.

    Hi Steven, we're very pleased to know you're happy with your Odessa! Paul and Jim

  • Great service, I have bought several times and each time then pics and descriptions showed just what I got. I also contacted them with some questions and each time they responded quickly and answered my questions. I will buy again.

    Keith, Texas, on Feb 5, 2016.

    Hi Keith, Thank you again so much! Paul and Jim

  • I've been ordering gifts from this website for years. Items have always arrived professionally packaged and expeditiously shipped. I've recommended to colleagues and friends alike!

    Jessica, Arkansas, on Feb 4, 2016.

    Hi Jessica, We really appreciate your kind words and repeat business! Paul and Jim

  • As this was my first meteorite purchase I found the information page was very useful. I'm sure I will be making more purchases soon.

    Brent, Australia, on Jan 24, 2016.

    Thanks Brent! We now have lower International shipping costs too! Paul and Jim

  • Great selection with affordable prices. I've been building up a collection for use in my Astronomy course and am always checking to see if new items have been added to the collection.

    Jeannette, South Carolina, on Jan 18, 2016.

    Thank you Jeannette!

  • Excellent items--glad to be a repeat customer!

    Steven, Texas, on Jan 9, 2016.

    Thanks again Steven!

  • Meteorites For Sale has been great to work with. Even though I don't have a PayPal account they made the extra effort to assure I could easily buy the meteorite I was interested in. The item arrived promptly and well packaged. I very happy with my purchase and with the seller.

    Jerry, Minnesota, on Jan 7, 2016.

    Dear Jerry, we're glad we could help and hope the PayPal notes on the Checkout page were helpful. Paul and Jim

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    Dear Alain, Thank you and we're glad you like the packaging! Paul and Jim

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    Schelby, Nebraska, on Dec 10, 2015.

    Dear Schelby, we are sorry you did not see that we list the measurements of our Moon and Mars boxes (Display box measures 1-1/4 inches x 2 inches) and that you did not click the (View Image Scale) link that shows a picture of a (1cm Scale Cube, US Dime, Metric Ruler, US Ruler, Moon Box, and Mars Box) to get an accurate size comparison. It saddens us that you equate an actual piece of the Moon with an ordinary pebble... We have replied offering a full refund. Paul and Jim

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    Yongjin, California, on Dec 9, 2015.

    Hi Yongjin, For US customers there is a choice to pay by Credit Card on the PayPal payment page without creating an account. This choice may be missing for some International customers and for them we can send an invoice directly from PayPal that allows payment by Credit Card without creating a PayPal account. Thank you, Paul and Jim

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    Yoshinobu H, Japan, on Apr 18, 2012.

  • I have made several tektite purchases over the last two years. This is one of my favorite website to buy from or just to browse through. Thank you Paul and Jim for this wonderful site.

    Daniel S, Texas, on Apr 9, 2012.

  • Great site. Rocks galore. Will visit aplenty.

    John L, New Jersey, on Apr 2, 2012.

  • I acquired several tektites from you last year and they were phenomenal. I won't part with them. Completely as described and were here likely split.

    Luc G, Canada, on Apr 2, 2012.