NWA 515 Meteorite L6

NWA 515 Meteorite L6

Northwest Africa NWA 515 Meteorite For Sale

L6 Chondrite
Northwest Africa NWA 515
Morocco, 2001

This is a very nice meteorite. It is one that we wish we had a lot more of. It has been classified as an L6, but as the pictures below show there is a wealth of visible chondurles in many of the slices. Generally, that would not be the case with an L6. It may be one of the collection in a single stone type meteorites, where it depends on the portion was characterized , but we think that you will be very pleasantly surprised by what this meteorite has to offer.

Sahara 99676 Meteorite 10.7g (CLONE)

Sahara 99676 Meteorite L6

This meteorite has some very interesting characteristics. It has areas that are compressed and contain black shock lines only a fraction of an inch away from areas with easily visible chondrules. Some of the larger flakes of metal are two-tone in color and appear to be both nickel iron and troilite. Some large chondrules 3/16th of an inch in diameter have been found during cutting. Some of these are not really armored but are surrounded by rings of scattered flakes of metal.

Part slice