METEORITES - 3rd Edition by Alain Carion

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METEORITES by Alain Carion
3rd Edition, Entirely revised 2009

The new book on meteorites by Alain Carion can quickly cause the reader to run out of superlatives. It is excellent, richly illustrated with pictures, a wonderful introductory book for the beginner, but a book no seasoned collector can be without.

Packed into its seventy odd pages is a wealth of information on meteorites. Beginning with the history of meteorite study in the 1500's. By the time the book ends there are pictures of meteorites which landed only months ago.

All the important topics of meteorites are covered, including meteorite hunting, impact craters and impact rocks, meteorite classifications, tektites, and much more. The second half of the book is pictures with descriptions and histories of dozens of famous meteorites. Many of the photos are of specimens in Alain's own impressive collection.

"Meteorites" by Alain Carion is the must have resource for any person wanting to get a well rounded understanding of these fascinating pieces of rock from beyond the Earth.