How to Find Treasure From Space by Geoffrey Notkin



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How To Find Treasure From Space - The Expert Guide To Meteorite Hunting And Identification

Occasionally in life, things change fast enough that something already wonderful can be enhanced by new information and technology to be made even better. That is what I discovered when I read the new edition of "How to Find Treasure from Space" by Geoffrey Notkin. The first edition which was published just several years ago was a delight. But this newer version has even more great photography and even more information on how to become a successful hunter of meteorites.

There is arguably no harder group of objects on the Earth to find than meteorites. They are the rarest things on our world. Meteorites are true masters of concealment. They are often buried, they are often singular or at best only in few numbers spread over a large area. They come in many different types each of which requires adaptations to be made to hunting techniques. To complicate their recovery numerous terrestrial rocks appear at first glance to be space rocks but are not. Geoff Notkin however, has learned their habits and how to hunt this elusive quarry. He shares this wisdom in full detail and through exquisite photography in his book. The reader learns what the characteristics of all the types of meteorites are and how to distinguish the true space rock from the imitation. The essential tools and methods of safely hunting meteorites are covered along with all the practical considerations to make the hunting experience both fun and rewarding in time and money.

Common statements seen online in meteorite chatrooms are "I have been hunting for years and never found one yet" or "I have always had to find a meteorite on my bucket list but don't know how to get started to hunt them." Daily images of common earth rocks are posted to meteorite internet sites by finders who think they may have found a meteorite. Reading "How to Find Treasure from Space" will help minimize the disappointment of coming home with rocks that are not from space. While no one can ever guarantee that you will find a meteorite for they are very hard to find and it requires much time and effort. Reading "How to Find Treasure from Space" will increase a hunter's chances and get them off with a good start.