Chwichiya 002 Meteorite 0.28g End Cut

Chwichiya 002 C3.00-ung CHW-21


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Chwichiya 002 C3.00-ung Meteorite For Sale

Chwichiya 002 meteorite is a C3.00-ung carbonaceous chondrite. It is a most remarkable meteorite. There are only three Type 3.00 ungrouped Carbonaceous Chondrites. Type 3.00 meteorites are extremely rare. To receive that classification they must be nearly as pristine as the day they formed.

Chwichiya 002 has a dark porous interior with well defined chondrules set in a fine grain iron-rich matrix. Chwichiya 002 contains troilite, magnetite, and rare metal. Tests reveal that the meteorite has a very low extent of aqueous alteration.