Where Have All The Meteorites Gone?

Dry Lake Bed

One of the first questions asked of a meteorite hunter is “where do you go to hunt them?” The simple answer is they fall everywhere randomly so you could possibly find them anywhere. But, in reality there are many factors that make hunting meteorites in certain places better and other places impossible.

Meteorites do not last very long in the moist atmosphere of Earth, so jungles and rain forests or anywhere with lots of rain are not going to have meteorites lasting very long. Deserts on the other hand will keep the meteorites that have fallen on them for thousands of years. Trying to hunt in an area with thick ground cover of vegetation is also very difficult. You need to be able to see all the rocks.

In recent years there has been intense hunting in all the deserts of the Earth. And most of the deserts have yielded large supplies of meteorites. Farming areas have also been successful places to hunt. Many meteorites have been struck by a plow and moved to a rock pile by the farmer.

Dry lakes have been very popular hunting sites. There are often few rocks on the clay surface and black and dark brown meteorites stand out well in contrast.