Meteorite Hunting With a Metal Detector

We had a visitor ask “I am going out to hunt meteorites for the first time. I have read that you should have a few meteorites to calibrate your detector. Can you give me some idea of what type of meteorite to use?”

This question gave us the idea to create a short YouTube video where you can listen to the difference in sound the Fisher Gold Bug 2 makes when going over a Canyon Diablo Iron Meteorite, a Gao-Guenie H5 Stone Meteorite, and a NWA 869 L4-6 Stone Meteorite. By taking a couple of stone meteorites out meteorite hunting you can better tune your detector and ears.

Meteorite Hunting BookWe highly recommend the following Meteorite Hunting Book by our good friend Geoffrey Notkin of the award-winning television series Meteorite Men.

Geoff takes the reader with him as he recounts stories from his life as a world famous meteorite hunter. The beginning hunter and the seasoned veteran will each find this book filled with jewels of wisdom to make their meteorite hunting successful, safe, exciting and profitable.