Canyon Diablo Iron Meteorites

Canyon Diablo Meteorite

49,000 years ago a small iron asteroid plunged through the Earth’s atmosphere. And though it was small in astronomical terms it created a crater three quarters of a mile across. Scattered around the crater were found starting in the 18802s hundreds of chunks of meteoritic iron. As the years passed after their discovery thousands more … Continue Reading »

Meteorite Care

With a few notable exceptions meteorites have iron in metallic form as part of their composition. On Earth native iron is truly rare, the moisture and oxygen in the atmosphere quickly convert metallic iron into iron oxide. Well let’s make it simple: rust. So meteorites with metallic iron need to be protected from moisture. In … Continue Reading »

Meteorite Collecting

We humans are a species of collectors. Ancients things, new things, art, and oddities are all collected. Included in that list are meteorites. But, why do we collect them? One reason is that meteorites are the rarest of objects on our planet. Far rarer than diamonds or other jewels. Some meteorites have a dollar value … Continue Reading »