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NWA 12932 Eucrite Meteorites For Sale

NWA 12932 is an unbrecciated eucrite meteorite. 2.9 kilograms of NWA 12932 were found in Mauritania in 2016, The meteorite was found with fusion crust. Saw cut surfaces of NWA 12932 display a light colored, fine-grained mixture of plagioclase and pyroxene grains. NWA 12932 has an ophitic texture with 60% pyroxene and 35% plagioclase. Minor amounts of silica and troilite are seen. NWA 12932 is a moderately shocked meteorite which was found with a low amount of weathering. The full classification of NWA 12932 is a Basaltic Eucrite, equilibrated, unbrecciated.