Wiluna H5 Meteorite

Wiluna H5 MeteoriteFind / Fall: Fall 1967
Location: Western Australia, Australia
Classification: Chondrite H5
Total Known Weight: 150 kg

The Wiluna meteorite is classified as a H5 chondrite. It is often still classified by the old classification name of Olivine Bronzite. The Wiluna meteorite is a witnessed fall that landed on September 2, 1967 at 10:46 pm, 5 miles due east of Wiluna Township in Western Australia. 460 fusion crusted meteorite stones and many fragments of Wiluna were originally recovered with a total known weight of 150 kilograms.

This Wiluna meteorite is a numbered museum specimen (12934.22) from the Western Australia Museum and comes with a Western Australian Museum specimen card. Paperwork is also provided from the Australian Government National Cultural Heritage Committee showing that this Wiluna meteorite specimen was legally exported from Australia.

Wiluna H5 Meteorite Information

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