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Whitecourt Meteorite

Whitecourt MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find – 2007
Location: Alberta, Canada
Classification: Iron, IIIAB
Total Known Weight: 5.37 kg

The Whitecourt meteorites were first discovered only in 2007. The crater that they are found near is in a dense forest not visible from the air except by special lidar analysis. Since these meteorites come from Alberta, Canada they require an export permit which we have. Whitecourt iron meteorites are of the medium octahedrite type and often have the twisted thin edges somewhat typical of meteorites from explosion crater impact events. The crater is small and there is a protected preserve around it so any meteorite hunting must be done in the area beyond this protected zone. Fortunately, there are meteorites found at greater distance but the hunting is difficult and the location somewhat remote. This is a great meteorite for any collection and they are from a recently found crater.

Whitecourt Iron Meteorites For Sale

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