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Tiglit Aubrite Meteorite

Tiglit MeteoriteFind / Fall: Fall 2021
Location: South, Morocco
Classification: Aubrite
Total Known Weight: 2.22 kg

Tiglit is a witnessed fall meteorite. Around 8:30 pm on December 9, 2021, many witnesses saw the fireball which was described as being green in color. Pieces of Tiglit were found near the village of Tiglit and Oued Tiglit. Tiglit is an Aubrite or enstatite achondrite. Six large stones were recovered along with many fragments. The Tiglit main mass weighs 736 g. The Tiglit strewnfield extends about 30 kilometer.

The exterior of Tiglit meteorites often has a fusion crust that is multi-colored in green-orange-brown. The meteorite is fragile and easily broken. Tiglit is 90-95% composed of the mineral enstatite with scattered diopside and olivine grains seen. Tiglit is highly shocked with melt pockets and veinlets occurring throughout.

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