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Taza Meteorite (NWA 859)

Taza NWA 859 Iron MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find – 2001
Location: Northwest Africa
Classification: Iron Ungrouped
Total Known Weight: 75.3 kg

The Taza meteorite is officially known as NWA 859 and is a nickel iron meteorite classified as a Plessitic Octahedrite, Ungrouped. It was found in Morocco in 2001. Many of the specimens of this meteorite are oriented in shape from falling through the atmosphere in a stable flight. One surface ablated away and melted material flowed to the back and cooled there leaving flow lines and melted lips. Most pieces of this meteorite are small with hundreds having been recovered. The main mass however is a 75.3 kg piece.

More Information on Meteoritical Bulletin Database

Taza (NWA 859) Iron Meteorites For Sale

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