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Soledade Iron Meteorite

Soledade Iron MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find 1986
Location: Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
Classification: Iron, IAB-MG
Total Known Weight: 68 kg

Soledade is an iron meteorite from Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Soledade was found prior to 1982. The single 68 kilogram mass of Soledade was discovered in a garage in 1986 where it was being heated with an acetylene torch and hammered.

Soledade is a coarse octahedrite meteorite of the IAB main group. Soledade contains 6.7% nickel and exhibits a classic Widmanstatten pattern of crystallization with and average 3 mm bandwidth and elongated inclusions of polycrystalline troilite, cohenite, schreibersite and rhabdites as major constituents.

Soledade Iron Meteorite Information

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