Sericho Siderite Meteorite

Sericho Siderite MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find – 2017
Location: Eastern, Kenya
Classification: Pallasite
Total Known Weight: 2.8 t

The Sericho pallasite meteorite was officially “discovered” in 2016
when some large masses were purchased from villagers in Isiolo County,
Kenya. However, the meteorites were known for much longer with tales of
the larger masses being played on when villagers were children. Sericho
meteorites are found in a strewnfield over 45km long with pieces
weighing from less than one kilogram to masses as large as 500

These slices are from the metal-rich areas of the Sericho pallasite and show well-developed Widmanstätten patterns. The meteorite continues to be collected from the area with over 2.8 tons recovered as of the time it was officially classified.

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