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Quitovac Meteorite L5

Quitovac Meteorite L5Location: Sonora, Mexico
Find / Fall: Find 2017
Classification: Chondrite L5
Total Known Weight: 9.11 kg

The Quitovac meteorite was discovered in October of 2017 by a team of men in Mexico searching for gold. A total of five stones were recovered with a combined weight of 9112 grams after extensive hunting. Some of the meteorites were recovered from the surface while others were found buried. The meteorites had a black fusion crust with red-brown patches when the coating of caliche was removed.

The Quitovac meteorite is an L5 chondrite with some extraordinarily large chondrules seen rarely. The weathering state of the meteorites varied based on the deposition of the stone with some showing very fresh gray interiors while others show more weathering having interiors showing areas of brown matrix mixed with the gray. Quitovac is an attractive meteorite and in recent years fewer new finds from Mexico have been appearing on the market.

Quitovac Meteorite For Sale

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