NWA 8687 Lunar Meteorite

NWA 8687 Lunar MeteoriteFind / Fall: Found – 2014
Location: Northwest Africa
Classification: Lunar (troctolite)
Total Known Weight: 563 g

The NWA 8687 meteorite is a Lunar Troctolite. NWA 8687 was found as five pieces and purchased in Morocco in 2014. A total of 563 grams was found. The meteorite is light green-tan. The interior of NWA 8687 is a pale green with fine shock veining throughout.

Troctolite rocks like that of NWA 8687 are coarse-grained intrusive igneous rocks composed of almost entirely olivine and feldspar. Troctolites are almost totally missing pyroxene which is the case with this meteorite which has just 3% orthopyroxene. NWA 8687 Lunar Troctolite has a low weathering grade and is highly shocked it may be a monomictic breccia and is composed of fine-grained plagioclase, olivine. This is a remarkable meteorite of a rare type and there is not much of it.

NWA 8687 Lunar (troctolite) Meteorite Information

Northwest Africa (NWA) 8687 Lunar Meteorite For Sale

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