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NWA 7678 CV3 Meteorite

NWA 7678 Meteorite CV3Find / Fall: Find – 2012
Location: Morocco
Classification: CV3
Total Known Weight: 4.24 kg

NWA 7678 is a Carbonaceous chondrite of the CV3 type. This is a remarkable meteorite. Nearly every type of chondrule can be seen in this meteorite and the chondrules are numerous. It is characterized by a dark exterior and a dark gray matrix. Calcium Aluminum Inclusions or CAI’s for short are found up to 1 cm in size within NWA 7678. There is abundant troilite an iron sulfide mineral but there is not much metallic iron. Carbonaceous chondrites are among the most studied and important meteorites to scientists looking for clues to what the primitive solar system was like. It is to a carbonaceous asteroid that the Osiris Rex space probe is heading. NWA 7678 is a great meteorite for study and a fine addition to any collection.

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