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NWA 13669 Martian Nakhlite Meteorite

Find / Fall: Found – 2020
Location: Northwest Africa
Classification: Martian (nakhlite)
Total Known Weight: 139.2g

NWA 13669 is a Martian Nakhlite. A group of stones were found with a total known weight of 139.2 grams. Some of the stones and fragments had black fusion crust and were officially described as somewhat friable. NWA 13669 is an augite-olivine-rich cumulate making it one of the first materials to form as magma cools. NWA 13669 has a low shock state and a low amount of weathering.

Nakhlites are among the rarest of all meteorites with only about two dozen finds having been made on Earth. NWA 13669 is gray in color on the outside. Cut slices are a bit darker. As stated in the official classification it is somewhat friable so our specimens are not polished but still beautiful. The stone we cut had a batch of black fusion crust and those specimens are therefore extra special.

Click on the link below for more information on mars meteorite NWA 13669
About Martian Meteorite NWA 13669

NWA 13669 is friable. Please keep in it’s protective plastic case.

NWA 13669 Mars Nakhlite Meteorite For Sale

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