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Nuevo Mercurio H5 Meteorite

Nuevo Mercurio H5 MeteoriteLocation: Zacatecas, Mexico
Find / Fall: Find 1978
Classification: Chondrite H5
Total Known Weight: 50 kg

The Nuevo Mercurio meteorite fell on the evening of December 15, 1978. After a fireball and loud detonations there was a fall of stones near the village of Nuevo Mercurio, Mexico. Over 300 stones were originally found with a total recovered weight of 5 kilograms. But many more were found in the following years. Nuevo Mercurio meteorites are Olivine-bronzite chondrite (H5) type stones. The specimens offered here have been put away for thirty years and are very nice quality most with fine fusion crust. Nuevo Mercurio is not common to see for sale now. This is a great opportunity to get a stone from this historic Mexican fall.

Nuevo Mercurio Meteorite For Sale

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NWA 7831 Meteorite 1.7g
NWA 7831 Meteorite 1.7g

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Bechar 008 Howardite Meteorite 2.3g
Bechar 008 Howardite Meteorite 2.3g


NWA 2481 Eucrite Meteorite 0.28g
NWA 2481 Eucrite Meteorite 0.28g

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Tatahouine Meteorite .14g
Tatahouine Meteorite 0.14g

SKU: TAT-193

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