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Murchison Meteorite CM2

Murchison Meteorite CM2Find / Fall: Fall – 1969
Location: Victoria, Australia
Classification: CM2
Total Known Weight: 100 kg

The Murchison Meteorite began as a fireball was seen on the morning of September 28, 1969, near the town of Murchison, Victoria, Australia. Detonations were heard. Soon after pieces of meteorite fell onto the pastures and roads of the area. One 680 g piece fell through a barn and onto the hay inside. Some of the townspeople who collected stones placed them in jars. It was discovered when the jars were opened that the meteorites gave off a strong odor. Scientist began studying the meteorite and determined that it was rich in amino acids, aromatic hydrocarbons, and even alcohols. Murchison is one of the most studied meteorites. It is a CM2 type carbonaceous chondrite and has abundant calcium aluminum inclusions or CAIs. Over 100 kgs of stones were collected. Being rich in carbon it has a dark gray almost black color.

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