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Muong Nong Tektite Slices

Muong Nong Tektite SlicesThe slices of Muong Nong Tektite offered here have been cut, diamond lapped, and lightly polished at thicknesses that shows the internal structure nicely. Muong Nong tektite glass is opaque enough that the layering will only show well in slices cut very thinly. The slices are still thick enough to allow some depth for examination of bubbles and other features.

Muong Nong Layered Tektite is impact created glass that has fascinated investigators since its discovery. Muong Nong glass is a type of tektite glass that is found as chunks and whether it was once a more solid and continuous melt sheet is not known. The material is often porous and may have large cavities which are sometimes filled with red lateritic soil. Muong Nong is believed to have formed from the puddling of melted rock near the site a tremendous impact 770,000 years ago. The crater for this event remains undiscovered. Unlike splashform indochinite glass, Muong Nong type glass is not homogenous, but instead has layers of varying colors from dark brown to nearly clear light yellow. Whole specimens of the glass are always black in color.

These slices are very difficult to produce and extremely fragile so each specimen comes securely packaged in it’s own protective membrane box. They are sure to provide the tektite enthusiast hours of enjoyment and learning under a microscope, loupe, or hand lens.

Muong Nong Tektite Slices For Sale

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