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NWA 7397 (Paired) Martian Meteorite

NWA 7397 (Paired) Martian MeteoriteFind / Fall: Found – 2012
Location: Northwest Africa
Classification: Martian (shergottite)

The Martian Shergottite NWA 7397 was found in 2012 near Smara, Morocco. Soon after more stones and fragments were found in the same location and sold by the same dealer. These later finds total approximately 5 kilograms. Many of the later finds were classified and verified to be paired to NWA 7397. Some of the paired meteorite designations are NWA 7387, NWA 7755, NWA 7937 and NWA 8161. The fragments and slices we are selling have not been classified but are part of these later finds. For us to send this specimen in for classification would be a wastage of time for the classifying scientists and would only duplicate data already available.

Click on the link below for more information on Mars Meteorite NWA 7397.

About Martian Meteorite NWA 7397

NWA 7397 (Paired) Mars Meteorite For Sale

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