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Johnstown Diogenite Meteorite

Johnstown MeteoriteFind / Fall: Fall – July 6, 1924
Location: Colorado, USA
Classification: Diogenite
Total Known Weight: 40.3 kg

The Johnstown Meteorite was observed to fall at 4:20 in the afternoon of July, 6 1924. The area of Johnstown, Colorado was shocked by four explosions followed by a rain of meteorite stones. Twenty-seven meteorites were recovered with a total weight of approximately 40.3 kilograms. The Johnstown meteorite is a member of the diogenite class of achondrite meteorites. The class name says it all. It has a large portion of its makeup as the mineral diogenite. It is the D of the HED family of achondrites that may come from the asteroid Vesta. Johnstown is a very attractive meteorite loaded with beautiful yellow-green crystals. Rarely seen for sale, this is another great meteorite to acquire when it is available.

The Johnstown meteorite is friable and should be kept in it’s clear acrylic storage case.

Johnstown Meteorite For Sale

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