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Holbrook L/LL6 Meteorite

Holbrook L/LL6 MeteoriteFind / Fall: Fall – 1912
Location: Arizona, USA
Classification: Chondrite L/LL6
Total Known Weight: 220 kg

On the evening of July 19, 1912 one of the most fabulous showers of meteorites occurred near Holbrook, Arizona. In a very short period of time after the fall over 14,000 stones had been recovered. Collecting in the area has continued and over the next decades thousands of additional meteorites have been found. With diligent hunting they are still found to this day in the area.

The Holbrook meteorites range in size from very tiny specimens of a few milligram to large multiple kilogram individuals. Many of the original finds showed features of orientation and many had both primary and secondary fusion crust. After nearly one hundred years since the fall nice Holbrook specimens are much less commonly offered for sale.

Holbrook Meteorites For Sale

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