Erg Chech 002 Achondrite-ung Meteorite

Erg Chech 002 MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find 2020
Location: Adrar, Algeria
Classification: Achondrite-ung
Total Known Weight: 31.78 kg

The Erg Chech 002 meteorite is an ungrouped achondrite found in May of 2020 near Bir Ben Takoul with in the Erg Chech sand sea. Numerous stones of Erg Chech 002 were found lacking fusion crust with a total known weight of 31.78 kilograms.

Erg Chech 002 has a coarse grained texture is tan and beige in color with sporadic larger crystals of green, yellow green and less often yellow brown color. Some minor reddish brown staining is seen in the meteorites. Erg Chech 002 has an unbrecciated igneous texture. The meteorite has both a low shock stage and a low weathering grade.

Erg Chech 002 Achondrite-ung Meteorite Information

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