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Dar al Gani (DaG) 400 Lunar Meteorite

Dar al Gani (DaG) 400 Lunar MeteoriteFind / Fall: Found – 1998
Location: Al Jufrah, Libya
Classification: Lunar (anorth)
Total Known Weight: 1425g

Dar al Gani 400 is a lunar meteorite. It was found on March 10, 1998. Only the one stone of 1425 grams was found. DaG 400 is an anorthositic breccia consisting of impact-melt breccias, granulitic fragments, recrystallized anorthosites, and mineral fragments. The O isotope composition is characteristic of lunar highland meteorites.

DaG 400 was one of the early lunar meteorites to be discovered and does not appear as often now for sale. It is also an anorthositic breccia in contrast to the many feldspathic breccias more recently discovered. It is a great meteorite for the collector interested in lunar meteorites.

Please note: Dar al Gani 400 can be friable so caution is advised if they are removed from their protective case.

Dar al Gani (DaG) 400 Lunar Meteorite For Sale

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