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Caldwell L Impact Melt Breccia Meteorite

Caldwell L Impact Melt Breccia MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find – 1961
Location: Kansas, USA
Classification: Chondrite L-imp melt
Total Known Weight: 12.9 kg

In 1961 a 12.9 kilogram stone was found by Vernie Havorka while plowing a field in Kansas. As the story goes both Nininger and Huss wanted to obtain the Caldwell meteorite but never did. Though Nininger did get a small piece to test. Caldwell was originally classified as a chondrite and appears as such in the 1985 edition of the Catalog of Meteorites. It is now been reclassified as an L impact-melt breccia. We were fortunate to obtain a nice chunk of Caldwell that has abundant areas of melt. Caldwell is quite a fractured meteorite and this determines the size pieces that are produced when cutting. For you the customer this is ideal, we have nice larger slices and smaller economical slices. This is a great US meteorite with a cool story and impact melts are quite rare.

Caldwell Meteorites For Sale

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