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Bensour LL6 Meteorite

Bensour LL6 MeteoriteLocation: Guelmim-Es-Semara, Morocco
Find / Fall: Found, possible fall, 2002 February 11
Classification: Chondrite LL6
Total Known Weight: 45 kg

Bensour is listed officially as “Found, possible fall, 2002 February 11.” Bensour is an Ordinary chondrite (LL6). Total weight is estimated to be in excess of 45 kg. Individual stones were found as large as 9.2 kgs. Bensour stones are very pale grey with an intense black often shiny fusion crust.

Though listed as a found meteorite there is good information that Bensour was a fall quickly recovered. There were eyewitness reports of a significant meteor event and the freshness of the stones indicates they were not exposed to the environment for long.

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