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Bediasite Tektites

Bediasite TektitesBediasite tektites are found in a small region of eastern Texas. As increased exploration has been done for them the area in which they are found has grown eastward. They are generally a very dark black color and often a little abraded from natural weathering. Most splash form types are present in this strewnfield with spheroid form most abundant. Rarely cores of aerodynamic flanged types have been found as well as a very few pieces of what appears to be Muong Nong type tektite glass. The evidence for Bediasite tektite formation being a result of the Chesapeake Bay impact is growing stronger especially as a result of recent coring into the crater itself and oceanic sampling. Bediasites are among the oldest of the tektites dating at over 30 million years. Bediasite tektites often have a very interesting and almost unique texture on their surface. Because of their age smaller numbers of tektites exist for this strewnfield then as with the indochinites.

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