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Mundrabilla Iron Meteorite

Mundrabilla Iron MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find – 1911
Location: Western Australia, Australia
Classification: Iron, IAB-ung
Total Known Weight: 24 Metric Tons

The original Mundrabilla meteorite find in Western, Australia was in 1911 with subsequent finds of both large masses of many tons and thousands of small knuckle size pieces. The recoveries continue to the present. The total weight of this fall is over 17 tons. Mundrabilla has had several classification over the years since its first discovery. It was a medium octahedrite for most of that time. It is now a member of the IAB ungr complex. Several meteorite groups, grouplets and recently defined classes have been associated together. Among these was the former IIICD group of which Mundrabilla was a member. Mundrabilla individuals are often very interestingly shaped and sculptured.

Mundrabilla Iron Meteorites
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