DaG 319 Ureilite-pmict Meteorite

DaG 319 Ureilite-pmict Meteorite

Dar al Gani (DaG) 319 Meteorites For Sale

Find / Fall: Found - 1997
Location: Al Jufrah, Libya
Classification: Ureilite-pmict
Total Known Weight: 740g

The Dar al Gani (DaG) 319 meteorite has been classified as a polymict ureilite. Three fragments of the rare and rather unusual type of meteorite were found in 1997 totalling 740 grams. Ureilites are interesting to examine under a loupe or microscope and this stone is no exception. Ureilites sometime contain nanodiamonds. We only have this one endcut and this specimen has some crust.

DaG 319 Meteorite 12.1g End Cut

Dar al Gani (DaG) 319 Meteorite

This is our only specimen of the DaG 319 Ureilite-pmict meteorite. This end cut has some crust as shown in the photos.