Baja California Iron Meteorite

Find / Fall: Find – before July 2017
Location: Baja California, Mexico
Classification: Iron, IIIAB
Total Known Weight: 10 kg

The Baja California Iron meteorite was found sometime before July, 2017 near a ranch 70 km east of Guerrero Negro, Baja California, Mexico. A single mass of 10kg was recovered by a Mr. Aguilar. The meteorite was covered with a brown to black-brown fusion crust and had pits on its entire surface. Larger surface cavities show it had inclusions that ablated out during atmospheric passage.

Baja California has a beautiful and distinctive Widmanstätten pattern with an average bandwidth of 1.48 mm. The Kamacite bands of the meteorite are stubby in length. Baja California contains Schreibersite, and has nickel-bearing troilite found as tiny raisin-like inclusions. Baja California is a very pretty meteorite.

Baja California Iron Meteorite Information

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