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NWA 8534 Meteorite CM1/2

NWA 8534 Meteorite CM1/2Find / Fall: Find – June 12, 2014
Location: Northwest Africa
Classification: CM1/2
Total Known Weight: 60g

The NWA 8534 meteorite has been classified as a carbonaceous chondrite (CM1/2). The total known weight of NWA 8535 is 60 grams which were found as many identically appearing small fragments, the largest being 2.6 g. The stones have a black, fresh fusion crust. Broken surfaces reveal a black, uniform, very fine-grained texture. There are rare sub-mm CAIs, but no visible chondrules are seen with the unaided eye. NWA 8534 is transitional between CM1 and CM2. There is more fine-grained matrix than in CM2, but less than CM1.

There are 25 meteorites officially classified as CM1/2 but only four of that group are not from Antarctica. This is a rare type of meteorite and especially so since it is a carbonaceous a group that is very important
for scientific study.

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