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NWA 8287 Acapulcoite Meteorite

NWA 8287 Acapulcoite MeteoriteFall / Find: Found 2013
Location: Northwest Africa
Classification: Acapulcoite
Total Known Weight: 221g

NWA 8287 is an Acapulcoite type primitive achondrite. A single stone of 220.9 grams was purchased from a Moroccan meteorite hunter in 2013. NWA 8287 has abundant metal and sulfide in a fine-grained silicate groundmass. NWA 8287 is unique because it contains no olivine. It is made of highly equilibrated orthopyroxene.

All NWA 8287 Acapulcoite specimens display metal flecks with reflected light.

Each specimen is packaged in a protective case.

NWA 8287 as an Acapulcoite is a member along with Winonaites, Brachinites, and Lodranites of the primitive achondrite family of meteorites. The entire family is represented by only 318 meteorites. There are only 86 Acapulcoite meteorites. As a rare meteorite, we have made affordable specimens that show the abundant metal characteristic of Acapulcoites and given the specimens a nice polish.

NWA 8287 Meteorite Information

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