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NWA 775 L6 Meteorite

NWA 775 L6 MeteoriteNorthwest Africa 775
Find Morocco 2001
L6 Chondrite

NWA 775 was a single stone weighing 3280 grams. It was classified as L6 W3 with a Fayalite (mol%) of 25. It is a very attractive meteorite with a ground mass that in some areas of the stone was very light and in other areas much darker. Yet even with a W3 weathering grade most of the meteorite still has its metal content. Scattered throughout the meteorite are inclusions of a cement colored material that has a very small grain size when viewed in thin section. It is this material that has given NWA 775 the sub-classification of zenolthic chondrite.

NWA 775 Meteorite For Sale

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