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NWA 14492 Pallasite Meteorite

Find / Fall: Find – 2021
Location: Morocco
Classification: Pallasite, PMG
Total Known Weight: 5.26 kg

NWA 14492 is a Pallasite type meteorite. Nine pieces of the meteorite were found with a total weight of 5.26 kgs. The meteorite had an irregular surface with centimeter size olivines. The olivine crystals of NWA 14492 are angular to subrounded in shape. The meteorite is only moderately weathered.

NWA14492 is a beautiful meteorite when sliced and polished. The olivines are mostly transparent and have a rich yellow color when backlighted. Pallasites remain one of the rarest groups of meteorites and NWA 14492 is a fine example.

NWA 14492 Pallasite Meteorite Information

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