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NWA 11901 Lodranite Meteorite

NWA 11901 MeteoriteFall / Find: Found 2017
Location: Western Sahara
Classification: Lodranite
Total Known Weight: 662g

NWA 11901 is a Lodranite type primitive achondrite. Many pieces of NWA 11901 were found and later purchased from a nomad near Dahkla in Westen Sahara. The total weight of all the pieces was 662 grams. The meteorites have a weathered exterior exposing the light-colored interior groundmass. The interior displays coarse green and brown crystals. NWA 11901 has a low shock stage and a moderate weathering state. The meteorite is primarily composed of olivine and chrome diopside. Low CA pyroxene and plagioclase are absent in the meteorite.

NWA 11901 as a member of the primitive achondrites is a rare meteorite. Lodranites are only represented by 86 meteorites officially. It is an attractive meteorite with its brown and green crystals and light matrix as a contrast. This is a great meteorite to fill what has always been a hard collection spot.

NWA 11901 Meteorite Information

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