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Kharabali Meteorite H5

Kharabali Meteorite H5Find / Fall: Found – 2001
Location: Astrakhanskaya oblast’, Russia
Classification: Chondrite H5
Total Known Weight: 140 kg

The Kharabali meteorite was known as a strange rock by the local people for many years before it was recognized as a meteorite. Only a single large stone of a 140 kilograms has been found. However, around the area of the large stone were found many small pieces. The stone is an H5 which means that it has a high iron content, but many of the small pieces have only a few flakes of iron showing when cut. Much of the metal may have weathered out of these small fragments. Chondrules are visible in many pieces.It is a nice meteorite from the flat steppes of Russia.

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