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JaH 026 Meteorite L3.1

JaH 026 Meteorite L3.1Find / Fall: Find – 2000
Location: Zufar, Oman
Classification: Chondrite L3.1
Total Known Weight: 565 g

The JaH 026 meteorite was originally classified as an L3 with a note that it was a petrologic type <3.4. It has been reclassified as an L3.1. This is easy to understand when the meteorite is seen sliced. There are abundant easy to see distinct chondrules. As with all L type meteorites there is not a great amount of metal but some grains will be visible. Originally the meteorite was listed with a small total known weight but as has happened many times more pieces were recovered later from the same location with the same easily recognized characteristics. Type 3.1 chondrites are not common and JAH 026 is a fine example of this nearly pristine chondrule classification.

Jiddat al Harasis (JaH) 026 Meteorite For Sale

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