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Georgiaite Tektites

Georgiaite TektiteGeorgiaite tektites are part of the North American strewnfield. The North American strewnfield of tektites has two very small regions where specimens are found. One of those areas is the southern state of Georgia. Mainly in several counties including Dodge these exquisitely transparent green tektites called Georgiaites are found. They are unique in their color of yellow green, which is very different from that of Moldavite. Georgia tektites are found in all the splash form types, but teardrops are the most common. The teardrops are often flatten which makes the specimens more transparent and spectacular when viewed with backlighting. By overall numbers Georgiaites are among the rarest of the tektite glasses found on Earth. Their numbers increase yearly by only a very few individual finds. They have nice surface texture with the characteristic cup shaped pitting. These tektites are also related to the Chesapeake Bay impact but represent a different tongue of ejected liquid material from that of the Texas tektites. As with that group more exploration for Georgiaite is slowly expanding the size of the area in which they are found. Some color change may also be a factor emerging as more westward finds are being made.

Georgiaite (Georgia) Tektites For Sale

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