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Amgala 001 Martian Meteorite

Amgala 001 Martian MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find 2022
Location: Saguia el Hamra, Western Sahara
Classification: Martian (shergottite)
Total Known Weight: 34.67 kg

Amgala 001 is a Martian Shergottite type meteorite. The S (Shergottite) of the SNC meteorites from the planet Mars. Amgala 001 was found December, 2022 in Western Sahara near Meharrize. Multiple stones of the Amgala 001 meteorite were found with the largest being 5200 grams in weight. A total known weight of 34.67 kilograms was reported recovered.

Amgala 001 has a weather exterior which is brown in color with a knobby appearance. The fresh interior of Amgala 001 is greenish gray in color with darker olivine phenocrysts visible. Opaque shock veins crisscross the specimens and there are also calcium veinlets. Amgal 001 has a high shock stage and a low weathering grade.

Amgala 001 Martian Meteorite Information

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