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We offer a nice selection of meteorites, tektites, and impactites for sale including the most popular, Iron Meteorites and Lunar Meteorites. We guarantee the authenticity of every item and have been selling meteorites and tektites online since 1996. Our catalog is updated frequently so please check back often. Be sure to read our guide 'How To Buy a Meteorite' which was written to help new collectors.

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Popular Meteorites For Sale

Moon Rocks For Sale

Moon Rock Meteorites

These genuine lunar meteorites make wonderful and unique gifts or additions to your own meteorite collection. Each lunar display box contains a genuine specimen of Moon Meteorite and is displayed with your choice of color photo. The choice of moon photo is limited by supply.

Mars Rocks For Sale

Mars Rock Meteorites

These genuine Mars meteorites make unique and fabulous gifts and additions to your own meteorite collection. Each Mars display box contains a genuine specimen of Mars Meteorite displayed with your choice of color photo. The choice of Mars photo is limited by supply.

Canyon Diablo Meteorites For Sale

Canyon Diablo Meteorite

Canyon Diablo meteorites are from Meteor Crater, Arizona where 49,000 years ago an asteroid plunged into what is now North Central Arizona, creating Meteor Crater. The Canyon Diablo iron meteorites are among the most historically significant meteorites collected.

Sikhote-Alin Meteorites For Sale

Sikhote-Alin Meteorites

Sikhote-Alin Meteorites come from Siberia, Russia. Our Sikhote-Alin Meteorite individuals show the classic thumb printing which makes these iron meteorites one of the most highly desirable and one of the first meteorites acquired by many new meteorite collectors.

Popular Tektites and Impactites For Sale

Moldavites For Sale

Moldavite Tektites

Moldavite are found in an area called the Central European strewnfield. Moldavite Tektites are the most beautiful of all tektite glass. This beautiful green tektite glass is collected both as individual specimens and fashioned into tektite jewelry.

Libyan Desert Glass For Sale

Libyan Desert Glass

Libyan Desert Glass is the remaining evidence of a tremendous asteroid or comet impact with Earth. Libyan Desert Glass was used in ancient times as a gem stone for the Pharaohs and remains a highly prized impact glass for collectors today.

Australites For Sale

Australite Tektites

Australite Tektites are some of the most interesting and highly prized tektites. Australites are distinguished from other indochinites by their shape. Many Australites have ablated surfaces and have developed flanges of melted glass on their perimeters.

Bediasites For Sale

Bediasite Tektites

Bediasite tektites are found in a small region of eastern Texas and are generally a very dark black color and often a little abraded from natural weathering. Bediasite tektites are among the oldest of the tektites dating at over 30 million years.

Featured Categories

Agoudal Meteorite (Imilchil)

Agoudal Meteorite (Imilchil)

In 2000 two small pieces of iron were collected in the Agoudal area, High Atlas Mountains, Morocco. Later in September 2011, one piece was sold to a dealer who recognized it as an iron meteor...

Fukang Meteorite

Fukang Meteorite

The Fukang meteorite was found in 2000 and is a pallasite. Pallasites are rare meteorites that are nearly a half and half mixture of olivine crystals and nickel iron metal. A single large mass of...

NWA 725 (Tissemoumine) Acapulcoite/Winonaite

NWA 725 (Tissemoumine) Acapulcoite/Winonaite

NWA 725 also known as Tissemoumine is a member of a very rare group of meteorites the Acapulcoites. Most of the acapulcoites are listed acapulcoite/winonaite. These are two of the hardest classi...

NWA 6694 Eucrite-pmict Meteorite

NWA 6694 Eucrite-pmict Meteorite

Northwest Africa 6694 is a remarkable polymict eucrite. It has large clasts of white, gray and black that are made of very fine grain material. One stone of just over 5 kilograms was identified i...