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Meteorite Beads

Meteorite BeadsOur meteorite beads are handmade from the NWA 10816 stone meteorite. We start with cut slabs of NWA 10816 which are then cut into slices and then cubed. The cubes are tumbled to round off the corners. The smoothed beads are drilled with a 1.25mm diamond drill before the meteorite beads are polished. Their size is approximately 11mm on a side but because they are handcrafted they may vary a small amount.

These meteorite beads are a pretty milk chocolate color and will make great authentic meteorite jewelry as an accent or centerpiece for a bracelet, necklace or drop earrings.

Northwest Africa 10816 is a classified official chondrite meteorite of type LL5 and many of the beads have chondrules showing. We usually only produce one hundred beads at a time and the process requires about 6 weeks to complete. Please contact us if you require more beads than we show in stock.

Our meteorite beads are sold as single beads so please update the quantity for additional beads.

Handmade Meteorite Beads

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