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Anda Tektite

Anda TektiteAnda Tektites originate in the Pangasinan Province of the Republic of Philippines. They are a rare type of tektite from a very small region of the Australasian tektite strewnfield. Anda Tekitites are characterized by a unique texture seen on the surface the result of hundreds of thousands of years of chemical etching. Often referred to as rodent tooth marks these fine parallel rows of lines may have a compositional feature to their formation.

In recent years a few specimens of tektites have been found that show these peculiar surface features which do not come from the Anda region. These should be called Anda “Type” tektites and not Anda Tektites. Anda Tektites are among the rarest of the tektite forms to be found and make a special addition to any tektite collection.

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