Rizalites Tektites

Rizalites TektitesRizalites are Philippinite tektites and are part of the Indochinite strewnfield. The Philippinite tektites are found in all the shapes of splash forms from other regions. However, they are beautifully textured with an often finer and smaller surface texture and a brighter sheen. Their surface is often smoother in appearance. But, along with this surface texture they may have deep grooving and winding channeling into the surface. This U bottom grooving has been the subject of much study and debate. Is it chemically formed or is it somehow the result of cracking in the thin cooled surface with later shrinkage of the molten center material. Whatever the cause it has produced strikingly beautiful tektite specimens. One especially nice Philippinite type is the sphere and spheroid form. These often-grooved tektites stand out in any collection. Their place of origin is often recognizable just by their appearance.

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