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Pallasovka Pallasite Meteorite

Pallasovka Pallasite MeteoriteFind / Fall: Find – 1990
Location: Volgogradskaya oblast’, Russia
Classification: Pallasite, PMG
Total Known Weight: 198 kg

The Pallasovka meteorite was found as a single mass of 198 kilograms in 1990. Pallasovka is a member of the Pallasite group of meteorites. The meteorite was found 27.5 kilometers from the Russian town of Pallasovka which was named for the famous scientist Peter Pallas who found the Krasnojarsk meteorite in 1749. Krasnojarsk was the first Pallasite also named for him. Pallasites are stony-iron type meteorites consisting of about equal parts nickel-iron metal and olivine crystals. While most pallasites have olivine crystals that are highly fractured the crystals are often not very transparent. The olivine crystals of Pallasovka are quite transparent and have a golden/yellow color.

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